Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Global Warming and the Socialist Agenda

They tried communism by brute force in the Soviet Union and China. It didn't pan out. They watered it down and called it socialism in Europe. Again, it didn't work out. So how do you go about getting control of the world's people and resources if you can't do it by brute force or by promoting a "duty to the state"?

The latest attempt? Global warming. We must put control of the worlds resources in the hands of the much more enlightened global power brokers for the good of the planet. How can you not be in favor of the planet? Only the UN can tell us how to properly use carbon or not. To deny them this authority would be suicide. Right?

It's been working pretty well, but there's a fly in the ointment: reality. The past year has shown one of the biggest declines in global temperatures in the past 20 years. This clearly displays what many have been pounding the table about the whole time. The science behind man-made global warming is pure bunk. It shows the immensity of how much we don't know about our climate system and what makes it do what it does. The facts have been with us the whole time, but the agenda came first. Facts be damned.

Meanwhile there's an actual real threat of global cooling. Why? Global warming trends have always lead to increased commerce and prosperity. Global cooling trends have always lead to increased misery. I don't know which way the climate will turn, but I know that if we end up in a cooling trend and the powers that be have created a situation where we don't have enough energy to stay warm because we were told that looking for more would destroy the planet...they're going to have some 'splainin' to do.

We got duped again. Will we learn from this one? It's hard to say. Communism isn't dead, just badly injured. The forces working against individual freedom seem to make a comeback every decade or so. We seem to buy every scenerio they come with, whether it be global warming, global cooling, acid rain, the Great Depression of 1999, running out of landfill space in 1980, running out of commodities at the same time, overpopulation was supposed to lead to global starvation decades ago...

As a species we seem to be gullible, naive and easily manipulated. Somehow we've managed to keep from totally screwing ourselves so far. I hope our luck holds out.

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