Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Alternative? Really?

Members and supporters of both parties have agreed that a bail out of some kind is absolutely necessary. Why? Without it they say we'll have a failure of the financial system, bank failures, recession or even depression. They say this as if facing all of those things is out of the question.

Many of our founding fathers were told that if they did not support the crown they would be imprisoned or killed, their property confiscated and their families imprisoned or killed. They stuck to their principals and all of the above came about as they knew it would. All we're being faced with is financial difficulty. Are we really ready to dispense with free markets to avoid some financial pain?

John Stassel got it right tonight on The Factor when he said "Crisis Favors the State". They're counting on your fear of hardship to enable them to sieze more control of this country's resources and its people.

Call, write, email your representatives. Do not let this happen. We can take a punch. They can't. This is not about protecting you. It's about protecting themselves. They know that the real result of a financial meltdown is that the American people will dust themselves off, run the incumbents out of town on a rail, and rebuild. That's the terror you see in the eyes of the power brokers in Washington DC. I'm not seeing it in the eyes of public. Only anger, disgust, frustration.

The market has not failed us, the government has. Fannie and Freddie got this mess rolling. Guess who invented them? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't the free market.

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