Saturday, August 28, 2010

America Needs a Rival

I've often wondered over the years, why no other country has ever really tried to 'out-America' America. After all, the whole freedom and capitalism thing worked out pretty well for us for a long time. I imagined it might be because nobody wanted to look as though they were sucking up to the top dog. Well, now that America is in a bit of an economic pickle and continues to wander away from free market principals while expanding government at a break neck pace, how 'bout somebody stepping up?

Let's just go ahead and call the race to mediocrity a 38-way tie and get back to trying to out-do each other. A little less civility and a little more fierce competition is what's called for at the moment. Countries within the former Soviet Bloc were able to look to the U.S. and say, 'There is a better way.' Who will our grandchildren point to as they stand in line for their weekly toilet paper ration? Will they come to believe that's as good as it gets?

Yes, the United States is in desperate need of an aggressive competitor in the economic arena. And no, I don't call remaining stagnant for so long that an oppressive dictatorship actually catches up and passes us (China) aggressive competition. That's just pathetic.

C'mon world. This is your big chance.

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