Sunday, January 20, 2013

You're in Charge Here!

As I was watching a Fox News panel discuss the brilliance of the Obama administration's move to convert their re-election infrastructure assets into an issue advocacy organization it suddenly occurred to me that perpetuation the vision of both political machines; Democrat and Republican, as monolithic, insurmountable barriers to the interest of any particular individual, serves the interests of national celebrity pundits of all stripes.

The political machinery that operates our country is perceived and portrayed as too complicated and intricate to be understood by the common man (or woman) and therefore must be carefully studied and analyzed on our behalf by specially trained and educated experts who can tell you what to think and how to react.

In reality, the "massive databases" to which they refer are simply lists of contact information for individuals. The purpose of making contact with all those individuals is to influence the behavior, actions, non-actions or acceptance of each individual. Without the cooperation or at least surrender on an individual basis, none of the complicated, convoluted agendas of the monoliths can work.

Too many individuals in America have bought into the idea that they are powerless, when in fact, they are the source of all power. Just look at the typical political post on your social pages. Most have a common theme, which is that you either buy the entire package of ideas presented by the Democrats or the entire package of ideas presented by the Republicans. Recognize that neither party is a philosophy. They are infrastructures designed to do one thing; get their people elected. They will adopt whatever philosophy you, the individual demand in exchange for your vote.

The Constitution of the United States explicitly spells out the role of the Federal government and the limits of its authority, which is granted to it by the people. It has been blatantly ignored over the years, but it still exists. It can still be invoked and used to undo years of accumulated abuse of power on an unchecked government beginning at the local level.

When new laws and regulations are passed in your community, don't be afraid to ask "why?" and "under what authority?" Does it advance the rights of the individual to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness or just provide a new revenue stream to politicians and bureaucrats and those who feed off them? Remember local politicians become state politicians who become national politicians. You can change the character of the "powers that be" from the bottom up.

Become familiar with your Constitution and the reasoning and purpose behind its provisions. It is a charter created to limit the power of government, not the individual.

It is the nature of politicians and bureaucrats to advance more regulation and grow their organizations. That's how they make headlines and advance their status within the party. You are the only check on that tendency. The people who make up our monolithic political parties work for you. Don't let talking heads of any political persuasion convince you otherwise.

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