Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Open letter to Republican Incumbents

You may have noticed that there is a wave of angry voters out there. If you are in danger of losing your job, you may believe it's unfair; that your voting record demonstrates you are not part of the problem. I believe many of you still don't understand what all the fuss is about. Let me try to clarify.

The frustrated masses are not just Tea Party members. There are also frustrated individuals who prefer not to march under anyone's banner (myself included). We believe that this country is facing not only fiscal and economic disaster, but social disaster. Every time the government passes a new regulation, mandate, fee, or takes on some new role with respect to individuals, companies or organizations, we lose a little more individual freedom. We don't want you to take care of us. We just want to be able to interact with one another in the absence of force. We don't want you to make change painless. We want you to do the right thing.

Perhaps your voting record is immaculate. Maybe you've said and written all the right things during the course of your career. What were the results? We don't have time for another group of well intentioned politicians to do their very best and come up short...again. We're not interested in politicians that want to appease those who want less government while also appeasing those who want more government. It's not enough to be opposed to toxic policies. Stop them. When two sides advocate diametrically opposed philosophies of the role of government, you can't ride the fence. Pick a side and play to win. I don't know what you can do between now and your next election to convince the voters that you will reduce the size, scope and cost of government, but that's what we demand. As the great philosopher, Yoda, said "Do or do not. There is no try."

The Tea Party is not your enemy. Reality is.

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Blue Feather Micro-Farm said...

That's pretty deep Ferrari. Of course, I wont last as long as a stone and I would like a descent government in MY lifetime....