Friday, February 1, 2008

The California Democratic Debate - Our Demise Defined

There were very few differences between the positions of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

Both are promising:
Nationalized Health Care
Higher Taxes
Surrender in Iraq

Their health care plans both come with subsidies, mandates and price caps. Neither has a clue how devastating this would be to the economy. The plans come in at a cost of over 100 billion at their own estimates, which means the actual cost would be closer to half a trillion. Mandating health care means that those of us who pay as we go because we've done the math and IT'S CHEAPER will no longer be able to do so. There is no way you can mandate that everyone pay into a system that they use at their discretion and have anything but skyrocketing costs. Third party payer is the problem, not the solution. I don't know where we all got the idea that it is a legitimate function of government to take over the health care industry. Which amendment was that? As for price caps, this is based on a false premise that individuals in the health care industry will continue to work, regardless of the pay. The health care industry, like any other, is not static. People come and go. Nobody is born obligated or genetically compelled to take care of you, except maybe your parents. If you cut wages, income, profits, return on investment, people will leave the industry. Like so many other countries, we'll still have health care, it just wont be very good.

They're going to finance this monstrosity with higher taxes. Maybe the idea is to take the rest of the economy down to the point that even a low return on investment in health care will seem attractive by comparison to the rest of the economy.

Both are sticking to their surrender strategies in Iraq despite the fact that we're finally achieving great progress there. This has been their plan for 5 years. I guess they feel they've got to play it out.

It would be amusing if there were a champion of free markets, capitalism and a strong national defense to counter all this, but there isn't. There hasn't been in quite some time. The Republicans are running on a "We're not quite as socialist as those guys" platform and are far more concerned about gay marriage than trivial things like property rights, and personal freedom.

If America votes for this, I suppose America deserves the consequences. Hopefully we will recognize and correct.

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