Monday, February 25, 2008

Fight the Power, by Exploiting the System

It seems every generation of American youth dreams of changing the world. They often become disillusioned because they start with the false premise that to make positive change they must tear down the capitalist system; "fight the power".

They fail to realize that they have the ability to use the system to "be the power". Today's generation of youth is in a unique position to spark tremendous change in the world by fully exploiting and promoting capitalism. The single biggest thing they can accomplish is to bring about the fall of the oil market and all of the monopolies, dictators and terrorists who depend on it, through their purchasing decisions.

Don't demand alternative fuels. Buy them. Use them. Figure out how to profit from them. There are cars coming to market now like the Aptera, that get over 100mpg and cost 30K or less. Order one, email them, let them know you're interested. There are companies like Innovalight working on Solar Ink that can revolutionize the solar industry. Let them know that if and when they develop a commercial product, you're ready to buy. At you'll find urban wind turbines. Give them your input, your ideas, ask questions, demonstrate demand.

There are a host of companies that offer biodegradable utensils, reducing the need to haul away and dispose of trash. Use them.

Eliminating our dependence on foreign oil is not going to happen anytime soon if "alternative" fuel remains the domain of the hippie and the tree hugger. Alternatives wont work in the long term if they need government subsidies to survive in the market. Look for good ideas and support them with your dollars. Better still, learn to employ them to make more dollars. Money talks. You can bring about real change or you can bring about another bumper sticker.

--"What the world needs now is another folk I need a hole in my head"

--"If you want to change the world just shut your mouth and start to spin it"


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