Friday, February 1, 2008

Capitalists Wake Up!

Pundits of all political persuasions are predicting a high probability of a Democrat victory in November. The Democrats are promising a big shift toward socialism in the guise of health care. Entitlements are already 60% of the federal budget and expected to go to 70% soon, even without government health care. They are also promising higher taxes while bemoaning the fact that companies are moving their operations overseas. The American pubic is eating it up because there is no counter offensive. We are being drawn to socialism like moths to a flame.

Meanwhile the Republicans are debating gay marriage, Roe vs Wade, and prayer in school. It's the 7th inning. We're down by 5 runs and the alleged proponents of free markets and free people are out in right field picking strawberries. Wake Up!

The American way of life is about to be substantially changed for the worse. Get your head in the game. If we're going to beat this thing back we need ALL freedom loving individuals on board, the gay ones, the straight ones, the corporate ones, the black ones, the white ones, the hispanic ones, the Asian ones, the Christians, the Jews, the Atheists, the Muslims and the long-haired, dope smokers.

Picture your grandchildren standing in line for their weekly allotment of toilet paper. Do you think they'll be proud that you upheld their right to have "In God We Trust" remain on their ration cards while you watched capitalism die?

One might point out that things looked much bleaker when Carter was president and Reagan was able to turn things around on a dime as a point of optimism, however, Reagan had been unapologetically promoting capitalism and free markets for decades before he finally won his party's endorsement. There is no Reagan in the bullpen right now. There's no messiah going to rush in and save the day. If capitalism is to survive as our national way of life we'll need a grass-roots rejection of socialism in all its forms.

There is no guarantee that quality of life will continue to get better or that technology will continue to advance. History is full of periods of misery and backwardness that lasted for centuries. The human race is not on auto-pilot.

If you have any interest in preserving freedom for your children and grandchildren, stop supporting parties and suits and great smiles. Start vocalizing and supporting ideals and ideas. You will NOT come out ahead in a system that takes from those according to their means and gives to those according to their needs. You will only become more NEEDY.

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